• Hashpa-ah

    Spiritual Direction

I am taking with me that spot on your couch where I felt so seen, loved and cared about – not to mention all the practical wisdom I gained from you.

Spiritual Direction / Hashpa’ah

We all need to feel seen, loved and cared about, especially during those most challenging times in our lives. 

Whether you are going through losing a loved one, relationship struggles, upheaval at work, leaving behind one part of your life to begin the next stage, or any other challenge, I can help you work at the soul level to face the suffering, the anger, the fear, the shame, the challenge.  I can help you to call upon and mobilize your spirit guides, angels, ancestors and all those from whom you derive wisdom and strength to help you to face and move through whatever is disrupting your soul.

I do the work of spiritual direction/hashpa’ah with individuals and in groups.

Ordained Mashpiah Ruhanit

I am an ordained Mashpiah Ruhanit, or Spiritual Director.  As a Spiritual Director, I work with individuals and in groups to tap into and connect fully with the Great Mystery that we might call God, H’Shem, Source of Life, Allah, Jesus or something else.

When we are so connected, we feel more at peace, like we have a companion in our life’s work and play, and we are clearer about what really matters and how to make that our priority.

“I appreciate having met with you yesterday.  I feel calmer after talking with you, probably because it helps me articulate in some sense of order the jumbled ideas and thoughts rambling around in my head. You are superb at comprehending what I think I mean and making sense of it. I feel less weird for having you to talk to.”
— E, Ames, Iowa

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