Mazal Tov / Congratulations!

“Thank you so much for making our ceremony so meaningful!  We received so much positive feedback about the ceremony and how personable it was.  We’re so happy we got to know you through this process and look forward to a continued friendship.”  –R and A, Northampton, MA

If you’re here, you are probably looking for someone to marry you and your beloved,
so let’s see if you want to schedule an informational appointment with me.

Inclusive Wedding Ceremonies

Here are some things you should know about how I work with couples to create their unique weddings: I am delighted to marry you if you are marrying a Jewish person or someone who identifies as other than Jewish or if neither of you is Jewish; I am delighted to marry you if you are lgbtq or hetero; I am delighted to talk with you about your wedding if you want to use clergy from another faith tradition as well as me.  I am also thrilled to re-marry you, if you would like to renew your wedding vows.

Pre Marriage Counseling

Here’s how I work with couples: we’ll meet an average of three to five times before the wedding.  That’s so we can get to know each other, so that who you are is center stage at the wedding.

During those meetings, which can happen in person, online through video conferencing, or a combination of both, we’ll talk about your relationship, who you are as individuals and who you are as a couple, the values you share and where there may be tension between you.  And we will go through every aspect of the ceremony, personalizing it to make it exactly the wedding you want it to be.

Photos courtesy of Audrey Cutler, Cassie Castellaw Photography, Jamie Levine, The Light and Color, Michelle Davidson-Schapiro and Jocelyn Vassos

Rabbi Lori Shaller - Under the Hupa

Photo courtesy of Cassie Castellaw Photography

The Ceremony

We’ll talk about the actual wedding you want to have. I’ll be happy to sign off on your ketubah/marriage contract if you choose to have one, and if you do choose to have one, I’ll create a separate signing ceremony, perhaps incorporated into your wedding rehearsal time.

I’ll also create a separate and special-for-you mikvah/ritual bath liturgy if you choose that.

I’ll help you understand the components of a Jewish wedding and to choose those that make sense for you. And I will help you to become aware of and develop the spiritual aspects of your relationship.

I do not consider myself a marriage officiant, as the only “official” thing I do is sign your license. (I have been certified by the state of Massachusetts to do this and will certify with the state in which you are marrying.)

Rather, I will create a sacred container for the ritual of your wedding and I will pray you into marriage.

After you are married, I’ll still be there for you

I will also be available to you after the wedding should issues come up in your relationship that you need help working through.

And of course, should you have or adopt a child and want a baby naming to welcome her/him into your community of family and friends, I will joyously work with you to make that happen!

I will be your Rabbi for life if you choose to work with me, someone with whom you can always be in touch during the course of your God-willing very long lives together!