• Funerals and Graveside Services

Memorial Services for Loved Ones

We leave this world as uniquely as we come into it. The passage from this world into the next world can be a release or a trauma, a natural process or one that is fraught. This is true for the person who has died, as well as for those who survive them.

When a dear relative or friend leaves this world, we ourselves can feel without an anchor, set adrift by the loss and grief. We may have mixed yet powerful emotions about the person whose funeral or grave-side service we’ve been tasked to arrange.

Grief and loss can be complicated.

I am a member of the Community Hevra Kadisha of Greater Boston, through which I have trained to do the sacred work of preparing bodies for burial.

I work with individuals and families to create meaningful and honest funerals and grave-side services.

“Thank you for your compassionate and steadfast support and guidance during R’s last year of life, and most especially for guiding us through his transition and burial. Your gentle presence has been very comforting.”
— M

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