Jewish Baby Namings

What a simcha, a joy to welcome a baby into the world!

It is such a joy for me to work with parents to craft their child’s unique welcome into their family, community of friends and, if it makes sense, klal Yisrael, the community of Israel.

No two babies are the same, so why should the welcoming ceremony be the same?

I will work with clergy of other faith traditions, as well, to make your child’s welcoming wide and joy-filled.

A Jewish Tradition That Works for Your Family

Jewish Baby Naming CeremoniesI can work with a moyel or person who does ritual circumcision, and I will also work in any setting, be it the family home, in the hospital or in some other venue.

I am also happy to work with you to create a baby naming even if circumcision for the boy child is not chosen.

And of course, we welcome girl children as well as boy children into our communities. Contact me for more details.

Jewish Baby Namings - Massachusetts